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​About Us

Who We Are & Affiliation: Our local congregation is a non-corporate, unaffiliated (yet non-exclusive), non-isolationist, independent assembly of Saints that we call A “Church of God at Woodstock.” Our web outreach is called Truth On The Web Ministries and is located at


Our local congregation meets every Sabbath in the home of one of the brethren. We gather at 11:30 for a shared lunch and Sabbath Services begin at12:45 PM. We are diverse but all one in Christ. Close to one-half of our local group is comprised of the children spread across various age groups. We welcome visitors and do not seek to push our beliefs upon someone, demanding the make them their own but rather declare our belief and judge not our neighbor in their faith. Each of us learns at different rates and has different gifts of the spirit.


Intent and Purpose: To bring the truth of God to the world-wide web for the edifying and evangelizing of all of His called and chosen children. We are dedicated to spreading the gospel, God's love, and Truth through the web and personal evangelism (the written and spoken Word!). To assist the brothers and sisters of the faith once delivered to seek a closer, more intimate, relationship with God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. Also to issue a witness and a warning to the churches about times to come.


Statement: The true church of God is not a building but a spiritual body of believers. To truly love God we must be obedient to him. We must hold true all His command and live our lives as examples to the nations by showing His love that dwells in us. These are works- we are not saved by these but they, nonetheless, remain our duty. Our salvation is by grace of God alone through the atoning sacrifice of our Lord, Christ Jesus. We are a New Testament church that observes the 10 commandments including the 7tth day Sabbath. We also voluntarily observe the annual holydays (Lev 23) but only in a new testament manner (only the Lord's Supper/Passover & Feast of Unleavened by compulsion/command).


Christ is not divided, yet, if true teachings are not presented those responsible must accept admonishment. Each member of the spiritual church must open their bible and their hearts and search out these things in prayer. Take care to prove all things for yourself. Always remember that it is commanded of us to preach the good news of the coming kingdom of God the Father and the salvation that we can only receive through His son, Jesus Christ .



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